Modernizing Legacy of your Data Center

In today's data-driven world, your business hinges on the reliable, secure, and agile performance of your data center. But finding a one-size-fits-all solution feels like searching for a unicorn. At TechFence, we understand your unique challenges and tailor our data center solutions to empower your growth, enhance security, and future-proof your operations.

Our team of specialists can help you with initial assessment and consulting, strategy development and design, implementation support, and operational services.

Beyond transformation, a holistic approach:

  • We manage your entire relocation process, from planning and analysis to vendor coordination, meticulous testing, and risk management.

  • We ensure seamless network connectivity and performance with expert network management solutions.

  • We protect your data with reliable and secure backup solutions, ensuring business continuity in the face of any disruption.

  • We implement advanced SD-WAN solutions for optimal network flexibility and robust security measures to thwart cyber threats.

  • We optimize your data center routing and switching infrastructure for efficient data flow and network performance.

  • We provide expert server management services to ensure optimal performance, security, and uptime.

Transforming your Data Center Landscape

Our data center solutions go beyond mere modernization. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to transform your infrastructure from the ground up:

Custom Design and Upgrades

We tailor your data center to your specific needs, from electrical infrastructure to high-performance computing and private cloud solutions.

Secure and Reliable Storage

We provide secure and reliable data storage solutions, including SAN solutions, data protection and disaster recovery planning.

Automated Intelligence

We leverage AI, IoT, and machine learning to optimize your data center operations, predicting maintenance needs, optimizing energy usage & efficiency.

Virtualization Solutions

We unlock the power of virtualization, boosting scalability, efficiency, and security with tailored virtualization assessments, implementation, and management


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