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Email solutions with comprehensive security, archiving, and continuity capabilities are required for effective email management. You must safeguard email against an increasing number of sophisticated threats, manage email archives for quick search and retrieval, and successfully maintain email access during planned and unplanned outages. Consider ConsultEdge Global leading email management services for email solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of managing your email system.

Are you looking for a reliable email hosting provider?

ConsultEdge Global provides enterprise class email solutions for businesses, backed by our world class infrastructure we also completely tailor your mail server hosting service to your specific business requirements You can harness the power of our email servers and take advantage of the feature set we offer with our exclusive enterprise email hosting solutions, all at extremely low prices.

Comprehensive Email Solutions

Email is critical to your business. It is necessary for communication, critical for productivity, and essential for retaining valuable corporate information. When email stops working, so does your business. As a result, you require email solutions that will keep your system operational at all times.

ConsultEdge Global cloud-based services provide comprehensive email security, continuity, and archiving solutions.

Managing a disjointed collection of single-purpose solutions from multiple vendors is a thing of the past with us. We provide fully-integrated subscription service to a single solution with best-of-breed technology to protect business email, provide employees with fast and secure access to archives, and ensure that email continues to flow even in the event of a disaster.

It’s services include email management solutions for all aspects:

  • Security - Email Security provides critical defence against advanced threats such as spear phishing and zero-day attacks. We also offer SLAs for 100% email virus protection and 99.9% email spam protection.
  • Continuity – It allows email to continue flowing even during disasters and scheduled outages.
  • Archiving- It provides secure, permanent email storage with quick access to archives and centralised mail archiving policy management.

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