Identifying & Addressing Organisation's Cyber Security Threats

Utilise Security Intelligence to Quantify your Risk!!!

Organizations today face the challenge of accurately reporting security posture while also ensuring future resourcing requirements to effectively manage risk. Attacks can come from anywhere and have the potential to cause significant financial and operational harm. ConsultEdge experts have more than 10 years of security experience and can help you identify security gaps, prioritize risk mitigation initiatives, and improve your risk posture.We collaborate with you to create a tailored risk management strategy that aligns with your business goals, complies with regulations, and protects your organization from various cyber threats.

Phishing Detection | Brand Protection | Fraud Protection | Sensitive Data Leakage Monitoring | Dark Web Activity | Automated Threat Mitigation | Leaked Credentials Monitoring | Supply Chain Risks

Cyberattacks are on the RISE!

"With our End-to-End Security Services, you can eradicate critical security incidents and data breaches."

By taking accurate security measures and working with a qualified, trusted cyber security consulting company like us, organizations can be prepared from the inevitable cyber attacks. The key elements in cyberattack prevention includes proper -Awareness, Prevention, Detection, & Recovery plan.

  • Assess security risks to prevent expensive breaches
  • Boost productivity with a proactive, tailored strategy
  • Meet industry best practises compliance

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Cloud Security For Your Workforce

Cloud & Cybersecurity Management - When there’s peace of mind with comprehensive protection, backed with unmatched AI and automation, you can innovate and grow your business.

Does more. Cost less.

Protect your organization from threats across devices, applications, identities, data, and clouds with CloudFence. Get unrivalled protection and visibility across multi-platforms that unifies security information event management (SIEM) and extended detection and response (XDR).

At, we not only advise companies on how to protect organizations critical data, but also helps them in buying the software, securing the networks and e-mail, protecting against attacks and also in developing an effective business continuity plan.

Why Choose Us?

Service for Cyber Risk Management Operations:

Identify and manage relevant cyber risks in order to make effective, risk-based decisions.

Security Threat Modelling Service:

Through effective, dynamic system analysis, you can identify previously unknown business and security risks.

Cybersecurity Program Evaluation:

Evaluate your security program to prioritize investments, boost resilience, and lower risk.

Cybersecurity Due Diligence Service:

Recognize and mitigate inherited cyber risks related to business transactions, relationships, and systems over which you have no direct control.

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