Multi-Hybrid Cloud

Are You Ready for your Cloud Journey?

Making the right choice when embarking on a move to the public cloud can be the determining factor in the successful execution of your digital strategy of cloud discovery. CloudFence (Now framework for discovery and assessment services focusing on organizations across the world seeking opportunities to manage and maintain their data on the cloud.

Cloud Business Transformation

Cloud Enabled Services & Business Transformation - By employing on-demand public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms, CloudFence Technologies (Now helps businesses migrate from their traditional systems to the cloud.

Set Up a Hybrid Cloud With ConsultEdge Global


we are uniquely positioned to assist in this assessment. All major cloud platforms offer different features and benefits. Mapping these to your business needs is part of what we do.


Benefit from easy-to-consume insights for successful cloud planning, migration, and management based on real business data.


We identify idle compute resources, unused storage and over provisioned workloads to right-shift, stripping unnecessary costs. Run what-if scenarios to right-size your infrastructure, and easily reserve capacity in the cloud.


Receive a high level design for a multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud strategy, laying the platform for detailed design and planning.

ConsultEdge's Cloud Expertise

We collaborate with all major cloud service providers to provide full-stack expertise and capabilities.

Our Hybrid Multi-Cloud Delivers

With, the customers get to experience the best of all worlds. Our solutions include a grouping of application stacks and getting detailed specifications of workloads in the stacks, business case calculation and more.


  • Asset Discovery and Inventory
  • Application-Centric Visualizations
  • Network Impact Analysis
  • Cloud Cost Modeling
  • Comprehensive Assessment Report
Multi-Hybrid Cloud

ConsultEdge's Full Stack Cloud Approach

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