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Micro Focus is one of the world's largest providers of enterprise software. They provide mission-critical technology and support services to thousands of customers worldwide, allowing them to run and transform their businesses at the same time. Micro Focus helps you solve the digital dilemma of how to balance today’s needs with tomorrow’s opportunities. Our broad portfolio of enterprise software products and supporting services provides the keys you need to accelerate, simplify, strengthen, and analyse your core operations.

We help customers accelerate, simplify, strengthen, and analyse their business and operations so they can run and transform their enterprise.

CloudFence.ai (Now ConsultEdge.global) partner of Microfocus helps you to attain the outcomes that are most critical to help you run and transform.

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Microfocus Solutions

Solve your Digital DilemmaSolve the digital dilemma by running AND transforming at the same time.

Accelerate your Application Delivery - Help you deliver business value and take your software development to the next level.

Simplify your IT Transformation – It is a delivery model for one or more digital offerings.

Strengthen your Cyber Resilience - Accelerating trust, reliability, and survivability during times of adverse conditions, crisis, and business volatility.

Analyse your data in time to act - Harness the value from all your data with high-performance analytics trusted by the most cutting-edge data-driven enterprises

Cloud Solutions - Its comprehensive products and services portfolio overcomes the challenges customers face when operating in the cloud.

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CloudFence Technologies (Now ConsultEdge.global) leads the way in cutting-edge Technology Consulting, offering unmatched Cloud Services, SaaS, Risk & Cyber, and Digital Transformation Solutions globally. We are dedicated to providing you with the flexibility to seamlessly transition, construct, and optimize applications across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This approach reduces vendor lock-in, allowing us to harness top-notch solutions that adhere to regulatory requirements. Collaborating with a diverse range of Technology firms, Clients, OEMs, ISVs, Consumer Internet, and large enterprises worldwide, we consistently surpass expectations. Identifying organizational gaps, we navigate through dual criteria to meet urgent short-term targets for immediate results while simultaneously developing the essential competencies needed to realize the long-term vision.

"As your strategic partner, CloudFence Technologies (Now ConsultEdge.global) is committed to driving innovation and ensuring your business stays ahead in the dynamic landscape of technology. Trust us to not only meet your current needs but also to anticipate and navigate the evolving challenges of tomorrow, guiding you towards sustained success in the ever-evolving digital realm."

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